Is Dental Implant After Tooth Extraction A Good Idea

Do you have a tooth that has decayed beyond repair? Your best option would be to get it extracted and replaced with an implant. However, you cannot help but wonder whether a dental implant after a tooth extraction is a good idea. Whether you are opting for a tooth implant process in Lakeland or another location, discuss it with your dentist.

Do You Need A Tooth Extraction

Before deciding whether you must opt for a dental implant after tooth removal, you must ponder over the extraction part itself. You need to consider other options like a root canal, dental crowns, cleaning, etc. However, if your tooth cannot be repaired at all, you can go ahead with a tooth extraction.

You will then need to choose from dentures, crowns, or dental implants. The implant can be of two primary types-immediate dental implant and implant after a bone graft.

Immediate Dental Implant

tooth implant process in Lakeland

In this case, you will get the artificial root and tooth implanted during the extraction surgery itself. Once your tooth is pulled out, your dentist will clean the site and implant the titanium screw. You will then need to wait for around 3 months and then get the crown placed atop the screw. In some cases, your dentist may place the crown in the same surgery.

An immediate dental implant can only take place if your jawbones are strong and gum tissues are clean to support the implant.

Implant After Bone Graft

In case your extraction site is not ready for an instant implant, you will have to undergo bone grafting. It is a procedure wherein an artificial graft or bone tissue is placed at the extraction site. This is done to let your bones recover and get ready for implantation. The dentist will usually implant the tooth after 3 months of grafting.

Final Words

So, is a dental implant after extraction a good idea? It depends on your tooth state, as the dentist will suggest accordingly. If you really need an extraction, you may choose to get the same-day implant or do so after a bone graft. Still, getting all three surgeries in one go is the best option if your jaw is strong enough!