Are You Forgetting to Clean These Integral Parts of Your Business?

Despite their best intentions when it comes to keeping their offices clean and tidy, there are going to be some business owners who simply forget to clean certain, often overlooked parts of their building entirely. If you think you might be one of these business owners, don’t worry-it can be simple for you to double back and take care of these potential problem areas in your building.

Check out a list of some of the often forgotten spaces to clean in office buildings all over the country, and compare with how you do every day to see how well you stack up against the competition!

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Are you cleaning your air vents? You really might not consider how your air vents can affect health of you and your employees, but air vents that have not been cleaned in awhile can pose several problems, such as blowing allergens around the building that could affect people with seasonal allergies.

Are you cleaning your light switches? You might not think about it, but the light switches in your building can contain a lot of bacteria due to the amount of people that touch them. To ensure you are not allowing your light switches to become bacteria hotspots, make sure you are wiping them off with disinfecting wipes every day.

Are you cleaning your office peripherals? The office tools we use every single day, like our computers, keyboards, computer mice, and other office peripherals can become problem surfaces due to how much they are touched by people all over the company. Make sure you are cleaning these every day with disinfectant to make sure the germs are being killed from these high-touch items.

Make sure you are getting all of these potential problem areas when you are cleaning your office. If you think you are going to need a hand with office cleaning and can’t quite get it all done on your own, then looking into the services of commercial cleaning in Phoenix, AZ companies might be right up your alley, so you can continue to keep your business clean and your staff healthy.